About Us

One Source for All Your Compressed Gas Cylinder Needs

Thoroughbred Industrial Cylinder Exchange is the most complete and safely packaged cylinder and gas exchange program in the industry.

With over 800 cylinder exchange locations installed across the United States, Thoroughbred has evolved into the industry leader. Our cylinder exchange program was pioneered by Scott-Gross Company, a 50 year old welding supply distributor based in Lexington, KY. Scott-Gross, with former President Philip Scott and his team, provided the industry knowledge, working capital, and market insight that led to the successful launch of Thoroughbred in 2003.

Gas Products to Meet Every Need

Our Gas To Go:

  • Welding Gases - Oxygen, Acetylene, Argon/CO2
  • Argon
  • Nitrogen
  • CO2
  • Helium
  • Propane
  • Tri-mix

All Exchanged Cylinders Require A Customer Ownership Acknowledgement

To exchange any cylinder, the customer must acknowledge ownership of every trade-in cylinder to participate in an exchange. Leased or rented cylinders will not be accepted. Only customer-owned cylinders exchanged.

Purchase and Exchange Procedures

Cylinder Exchange

Purchase a new cylinder or get an extra Thoroughbred cylinder in one of our convenient sizes. When your cylinder is empty, simply bring it back to your local Thoroughbred retailer and exchange it for a full cylinder.

Every transaction involving a cylinder requires a customer to complete and sign the Ownership Acknowledgement form.

Ownership Acknowledgement

Ownership Acknowledgement

Customer acknowledges ownership of trade-in cylinder to participate in exchange. Leased or rented cylinders will not be accepted. Only customer-owned cylinders exchanged.

Cautionary Notice

Thoroughbred Industrial Cylinder Exchange cannot accept leased or rented cylinders for exchange. If you improperly exchange a leased or rented cylinder, you may become liable to your current supplier for the replacement cost of the cylinder. Thoroughbred Industrial Cylinder Exchange recommends that you consult your current supplier if you are unsure of your status.

If you are unsure of your cylinder rental or lease agreement status with your current supplier DO NOT EXCHANGE YOUR CYLINDER WITH THOROUGHBRED.