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You need cost-effective fuel to meet your needs. Scott-Gross has the best answer for you!

Competitive prices – Scott-Gross is a major purchaser of propane from multiple sources. Call your local Scott-Gross store or our Customer Service team for pricing and availability.

High quality– Scott-Gross’s filtering system used on our bulk propane ensures you will not receive excessive oil, moisture and other contaminants.

Broad range of gas packages– Scott-Gross fills 20 to 100 pound portable cylinders at our stores and 500 gallon and larger bulk tanks with our propane truck fleet. Customer-operated pump stations, located at the customer’s facilities, are available for refilling propane cylinders.

Bulk propane pump stations for propane cylinders–Substantial cost savings can be realized from our turn-key customer operated propane pump station program.

Benefits include:

  • Improved Savings when you purchase bulk propane
  • Increased Control over when your propane cylinders are refilled
  • Trained Scott-Gross staff install the pump station and provide pump station procedure & safety training at your site


Propane Exchange Program

A Full Tank, Every Time!


We deliver Value and Convenience with Integrity

Value – Our propane tanks are filled to the maximum safe levels so our customers get full value for their money in attractive cylinders at a competitive price.

Convenience – Our cages are always stocked and conveniently located across Kentucky and surrounding states.

Integrity – At Scott-Gross, we fill every propane cylinder to industry standards, every time. You get quality products from people you trust. it’s a way of doing business that has helped us grow for 60 years.